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Sunday, July 25, 2010Y
Wawako's Log - 19 July to 25 July - The Era 2010 World Tour by Jay Chou !!

The week begun with a nice surprise from Cathay Organization which offered 40 000 tickets free for grabs (complete with popcorn and a drink) in commemoration of their 75th anniversary. Cathay Organization was actually game enough to provide quality movies like - Despicable Me, Prince of Persia - Sands of Time and Ip Man 2 etc. Thanks to E's efforts, we managed to get tickets to the Korean movie - The Blood Pledge.

The Blood Pledge is the 5th movie in the horror stories series where the setting is an all girls high school. The movie started out well with suspense and suitable scare scenes. However, I found the last 15 mins of the movie a total disaster - an epitome of K logic which I can never understand. *Spoiler alert* - If your best friend comes to u and let you know that she is saying goodbye to you for the last time as she is going to commit suicide as she is pregnant -- what would you do ?
A - Advise and convince her that there is no problem that cannot be solved.
B - Tell her that you would commit suicide together (companionship suicide) with her because you are her best friend.

I think most people in the correct state of mind would go for Choice A - which is more positive and seriously suicide doesn't help anything at all. However, like what S and some others say .. to carry on the story .. K Logic have to come into play and the "ghost to be" chooses B instead. Lazy to spoil the rest of the story, but fundamentally I disagree with the choice as I don't believe throwing your life away is the way to go. In addition, although Choice B is good fodder for a twist in the story -- i it may not be the best for the Korean society at large. The suicide rate in Korea is high as it is and I guess they don't need another movie to instill ideas of suicide companionship into the minds of the audience.

Tuesday was conclusion of 孙协志 and co's attempt at 我要唱下去。 The songs that were tested were simply way below the standard of the trio (especially for 孙协志 who has done consistently well in 百万大歌星). They cleared the various stages with relative ease. However, the last challenge question for $50 000 (that was to be donated to charity) was some song by 梁文福。 I mean WTF how can u test your overseas guest on 梁文福 ? I mean I have nothing against 梁文福 but I don't think he belonged to the age where internet was the rage and overseas promotion was a must for singers. 孙协志 did not attempt the song as he did not hear of it before and the trio had to settle with $1000. Looking at 孙协志 who was close to tears for having failed the charity cause; one cannot help but wonder if more could be done by not doing such a low stunt. The program tries to position itself that they are very willing to donate the money. However, testing overseas guests on such a question is simply unacceptable. We should show more 度量 & 气度 as hosts-- something that we seriously lack by giving a sure die route for the trio. I stopped watching the show there and then and I am considering a possible boycott of the show following that episode cos I am quite disgusted by the actions of the programme.

Wednesday was a learning day - I learnt the difference between General Insurance and Life Insurance. GI and LI have different functions and I guess everyone needs a good and truthful adviser to bring them through the technical and present the facts in layman's terms.

Thursday was energy conservation day as I needed to store energy for Friday~~ Dinner was a homely affair with takeaway from the tze char store and managed to do some affairs after dinner too.

Friday came and it was the HIGHLIGHT of the week !! The long awaited -- Jay Chou - The Era 2010 World Tour !! In view of the crazy queue for the tickets the last time round, I decided to take half day leave to get the concert merchandise. Met a friend during lunch, another friend during the queue and my ex colleague at Leisure Park !! ^^ It was a highly emotionally charged day as I experience fatigue from lack of sleep due to cough, excitement at meeting my friends. some degree of frustration at the long queue, disappointment when the musical box was sold out -- by the end of it when I met S before the concert my batteries were running quite low

Seriously, I think Jay's acting in 刺陵 and his image costume for 苏乞儿 was a disaster. TOTAL DISASTER (The word "disaster" is a gross understatement) . Hence, this concert was for me an erasure of the crap movies and a re-installation of Jay as THE ONE.

Jay did not disappoint and he simply worked his magic to make me fall in love with him all over again. When he started singing 爱在西元前 -- I nearly cried. That song is my all time favourite and that was the first time that I was hearing it LIVE !! During his 范特斯 concert, I hoped that he would sing this song but he did not. Jay singing this song after 10 years was like a superb surprise for me !!! My hours of listening to that song can be counted in the hundreds . I listened to it during my poly report writing days and exam studying periods where I needed a high level of concentration. It was also the song that I listened to when I slept and the song that woke me up daily. I think no song would ever replace it in my heart as it reminds me of my dreams, my efforts and the feeling of peace whenever I hear it.

Before my emotions could settle down from hearing 爱在西元前; Jay continued to belt out 我不配。 OMG .. I was simply overwhelmed. 我不配 - a song that stirs many complicated feelings and bring back many memories - for many reasons known and unknown to me. Hearing these 2 songs LIVE .. I think I got back my ticket worth =)

Saturday was a day for stoning as KTV with S after Jay concert ended at 0400 hrs and I only slept at 0600 hrs. I woke at 1130 hrs and it was a day of rolling about followed by dinner at Marina Country Club in Sengkang in celebration of the birthday of the Maple group.

Sunday was a special day for E as it was the first birthday that we spent together in person and not via some MSN connection. We watched Inception and the open ended ending leaves much room for imagination. It was super fast paced and a very intricate movie - no spoilers here cos the movie is too good to be spoilt - go watch it and be caught in the powerful web that the producers try to put you in. Ellen Page in Inception was a plus point -- It took me a while to recognize her and I think she is slowly shifting towards more matured roles. It's something like Dakota Fanning was actually in Twilight as Jane - something that I never suspected at all as she blended in too well.

All in, this week was fulfilling and highly therapeutic in stress relief -- largely thanks to Jay Chou. A bit sorry to E as the concert dates clashed with E's birthday. Let's hope that the next Jay concert would not clash with E's bday again. Oh ya .. If Jay is willing to 耍双节棍 at the age of 40; I would definitely want to watch !! Till the following week where registration and training to get fit should start soon !!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010Y
Wawako's Log - 12 July to 18 July

Been quite a while since I wrote something that was not meant for work. Time passess us so fast and weekends pass even faster !! Hence, I have decided to have a small recap of what I have done for the week to train my brain to write with emotions XD.

Let's see .. Work week with a cough that has evolved from super lots of phlgem to itchy throat that still causes me to cough. I have been faithfully taking the 止咳汤 and if things do not pick up still I might have to make a trip to get some medicine again.

Friday was an evening of Arts where I watched Nodame Cantabile followed by a trip to Night Festival 2010 at National Museum of Singapore. Nodame Cantabile maintained its standard while my first attendance at the Night Festival was an eye opener. The highlight of the night was an unexpected find - Diva Siva - a display of drag artistry which was loud, exciting and entertaining !! However, the high was dampened when we could not gain entrance to Abusement Park despite being in queue for more than half an hour. A bit WTH, but I think if there was to be a similar event; I would still go =)

Saturday was a lazy day where I was practically dragged to the extremely weird combination of The Electronics and Food Fair. The smell of fried food that lingered in the air while one pondered about the next printer / HD - LCD (and what not) TV / netbook to buy was quite a nightmare. Next up was Ikea - for me to get my hands on the discounted bed tray (@ 5.90 - which I feel was a bargain) and a little blue stool which I did not get eventually as I decided that I shall buy it when it goes on discount next =)

Sunday was New Paper Big Walk Day! Going to Marina Bay at such a timing was quite a killer considering the activities I did the last 2 days. In half sleep walking mode, I made it there and I joined The Big Queue (Part 1) for the goodies bag. By a miraculous stroke of luck, my pink goodie bag had an extra Singapore Flyer Ticket - I think that is what they mean when they say that the early bird gets the worm ? XD

Just as I thought I could start The Big Walk, I passed by the area where the toilets were and it was The Big Queue (Part 2). After clearing the area, we finally started The Big Walk that became The Big Eat as I emptied my goodie bag to refuel my stomach. The Big XXX Day was not to end yet as I started The Big Sleep.

That sums up my life for this week. It seems to be a long entry .... I won't proof read what I have written cos firstly I am lazy and secondly I just don't feel like doing work yet. Off to check my hotel earnings, my fruit bearing trees and my chashu ramen on the stoves !! Darn the Facebook games !! *ROAR*

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Thursday, December 31, 2009Y
感 。叹

我回来了但是我回不去了... ...

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Saturday, October 24, 2009Y
Kimchi Land Woes 2

It is the weekend leading up to the mid term exams. This month and a half have been nothing short of a nightmare. This is the first time that I feel lost before my exams in my studying of Kimchi Land's language. Trapped here in Kimchi Land and trying hard to stay afloat. I hope for a little more encouragement and seek more understanding that not every one is of GOD level.

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Monday, October 12, 2009Y
3rd week - Kimchi Land woes

3rd week into my last semester and I feel like going home already. I want to escape from Kimchi Land. I do not like the lessons I am taking now and I do not like the cold weather. I just want to go home. I need December to come quick and take me away from Kimchi Land.

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Friday, August 21, 2009Y

半岛铁盒 - 周杰伦

词 / 曲:周杰伦

走廊灯关上书包放 走到房间窗外望
回想刚买的书 一本名叫半岛铁盒
我永远都想不到 陪我看这书的你会要走

不再是不再有 现在已经看不到
铁盒的钥匙孔 透了光看见它锈了好久
好旧好旧 外面的灰尘包围了我
好暗好暗 铁盒的钥匙我找不到



已经习惯不去阻止你 过好一阵子你就会回来

铁盒的序变成了日记 变成了空气演化成回忆

= “... 我永远都想不到 陪我看这书的你会要走 ...”
一时的有感而发 让我想起了我的半岛铁盒 =

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Monday, August 17, 2009Y

我不会爱 - 萧敬腾

习惯了你的重量 温柔得压在手上
习惯了你的味道 漂浮在我的肩膀
想到从前 我们都笑了 都哭了

最后一次一起分享月光 隔着一只行李箱

我不会爱 拥抱总是太沉太慢
甜蜜常常少说一段 用心再深 看不出来
我试着填满 心却一再少一块
就算我对你的爱 深的像一片海 重的我放不开
亲爱的 我想我不会爱

只要你的镜头 永远印着微笑

我不会爱 拥抱总是太沉太慢
甜蜜常常少说一段 用心再深 看不出来
我试着填满 心却一再少一块
就算我对你的爱 深的像一片海 重的我放不开
真的 我真的不会爱

却也为你灿烂了黑夜 黑夜~

爱 拥抱总是太慢
我用心再深 看不出来
除了忘我祝福 我能怎么办
对你的爱 就算像一片海 重的我放不开
亲爱的 我真的不会爱

= Another addition to Upset Songs - " .. 甜蜜常常少说了一段 我用心再深 看不出来 .." classic =

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