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Saturday, May 27, 2006Y
Something to think about ...

Besides the sharing of joy that my Wawako is now level 52. Here is something that all of us should come to realize. I was talking to my colleague today and we agreed on the point that our birthdays should be a recognition for our mothers as it is the one day that our mother went through a lot of pain - take into consideration that medical science wasn't as advanced as it is now - no epidural - pain soother in Layman's term. Hence, one should acknowledged our mothers whom braved the pain without flinching.

Hmmm.. before this always been celebrating my birthday as "MY DAY". Think the REAL Mother's Day should be for mothers on the birthday for each of their children. Without them we won't be here. Hence, it should be a day for my mum and not so much for myself. One must not forget the labour, pains, time and resources used to bring us up. Hence, I hope all of us would take some time, reflect and hopefully our views are similar.

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