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Tuesday, June 27, 2006Y
A close shave

Well, today took a ride on my brother's motorcycle. Quite a different experience from sitting in a car... but .. nearly met with an accident. Apparently the car brushed against the side of the bike. One of the side lights like falling off. Thankfully both of us are safe and sound. My bro say if the car made a direct impact well think we would become super man and start flying without wings.

This incident gave me certain fears of the bike and i don't think i wanna sit on bikes anymore. In a nutshell, cars seem to be safer; a slight barrier away from the direct impact in comparison to bikes. I guess during a real accident, one can never say - the person being trapped in the car or flung like a doll. No wonder the saying is that the roads are like the tiger's mouth.

I began to think about the riders i worked with in my previous job. It's no joke where they travel on the road constantly and i think they are anything but slow drivers. Now only pray that all of them exercise caution. After all they would only be on the losing end if anything happens.

Anyway, I'm ok people. Still mapling away and oh yah Wawako at level 55 or 56 liao opps i actually forgot to update..... Disastrous. Another thing - i was caught in the Novena MRT flood the other day, forget to blog about it. Hey, i was quite amused more than anything else. I mean you don't see rain coming down from the lights and water gushing down the stone steps of the basement MRT station everyday. That's about all .. anyone wanna watch Gutamano Bay (eekks not sure about the spelling though)? Think it would be quite an interesting show.

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