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Thursday, August 03, 2006Y

My last post wiped out due to dumb computer deciding to shut down by itself. 1st thing Wawako - Level 60 already; 10 more levels b4 3rd job. NON - maplers who are lost its okay that the only thing i would mention about maple.

HABIT, Take it away alphabet by alphabet, u find that it can still by itself as a word - that translates to a habit is hard to get rid off.

Well whetehr i like it or not i would have to get used to the habit of eating alone. It has always been a norm where there is no dinner at home as my mum works at night. Well i still can find someone to have dinner with me but i have to go Jurong and THAT IS FAR.

I took the first plunge today by eating dinner alone. It was not that bad, u eat and go. Then i walked home alone. (Disclaimer here - people no worries im not suffering from depression or having relationship problems K). Thought would be LONELY but then again no lei; self entertain lor hahaha.

Conclusion is that eating alone can be done once in a while; good for you. As an individual who must talk and have someone around so that i can keep up my energy level up think i still would prefer to have someone to have dinner with me. Cannot always be anti - social la, later i become dumb.

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