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Wednesday, November 29, 2006Y
L.O.D = Long Over Due ...

Ooooo ... coming close to 2 months since my last blog entry. Disaster. Being away for so long, i believe an update on Wawako is welcomed. Drum Rolls please .... Wawako is Level 77 already !! (There will be some who would go .. "not again, this gal maple till mad le"). keke.
Enough of Maple Story, with 2006 coming to a close.. it is time to do some stock taking of the mind, brain and soul (my room too, since CNY coming up next). Looking forward to December, my friend getting married !! So exciting... an occasion to mark a promise between 2 individuals to spend the rest of their lives together ~~ till death do us apart. I guess the ceremony would only be a teaser of things to come; the hard work starts in maintaining the love, respecting each other and nurturing their young together. Life is a road now and forever wonderful journey ~~~ Hope it holds true for my friend in her marriage life. = )

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