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Tuesday, December 05, 2006Y
Ooooo - Updates & more

Wawako Lvl 78 lo ... (Not again - some of you would go). Moving on, Singnet is making me puke blood cos i cannot maple efficiently (Opppps maple again). With the contract on till June.. now it is a battle of whether i give up maple first or i outlast the contract; signup with Starhub and continue to maple away LOL.

Anyway, December is a special month for me = ). Event of the year for me k ... During this time of the year, the day time is longer as it gets brighter in the morning. In the evening, it gets darker soon. I like walking under the mild morning sun but in the evening when i go home and it is all dark .. hmm a bit gloomy. Dun like the feeling

Just heard this story over the radio .. the author - a guy was with a gal since secondary school days. moving into tertiary .. the gal fell for thy class mate. Following that, the gal broke up with the class mate citing no feelings and went back to the guy. Eventually, the gal fell for the supervisor and decided to marry and migrate overseas with the supervisor. The author's heart broke when he went to the airport to see her off from a distance...

My words to all whom have had setbacks is - If the one up there made you, he made another one just meant for you. It's only a matter of when we find that individual meant for you. i guess it is very much like sand. You hold on too tightly, what you desire slips through your fingers. Cupping sand with the right amount of force will allow you to get what you desire - the question now is strking this balance. it's more of an art rather than science ~~ ooo got to sleep .. tomorrow starting a new course .. looking forward to it = ) !! Go sleep lo

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