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Sunday, September 16, 2007Y
8 Months plus since my last blog ~~~

Wawako is level 109 already. The first question many would ask is ... "ermz, just what exactly have u been doing ?? besides mapling to gain these 31 levels ??"

A time period is always comparative. When you compare 1 month with 8 months ~ yup you would find that 8 months is SUPER long. However, to compare 8 months and 2 years ~ one would find that 8 months is not that long anymore.

Mapling aside, I have been doing my foreign language studies on a weekly basis. I enjoy studying !! Tell me that a few years back .. i would say ... u must be out of ur mind ~~ but right now ~~ studying breaks the monotonous cycle of Home -- Work -- Home. Gives u something to look forward to. =)

Certain things are in the works but would not be revealed till a later timing. Till then ~ take things as they come. I WILL SURVIVE !!

2:48 AM Photobucket