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Sunday, March 08, 2009Y
Happy Food Series - Doughnuts Day !!

To eat a doughnut - one would need to bake them or buy them. Since I do not have access to cooking facilities here - I buy them (even if I have cooking facilities I would still buy them XD)

My favourite doughnuts store here =). I hope we have this doughnut chain back in Lion City by the time I go back. I prefer the Christmas feel packaging (White / Green / Red) in comparison to the orange packaging offered by the store with the orange coloured packaging =.=

Have a look at the box art for the 6 pcs set!! Think it was customized for Vday and White day (14 March). The wording seems a bit .... weird .. Let's not get too bothered by that. I feel that it was a nice touch made to enhance the product's promotion efforts.

I intended to buy only 1 doughnut - I ended up buying 6 !! The only reason that I bought 6 was that I would be given a box. XD I would be having doughnuts for my meals over this weekend !!

Finally ~~ the actual product !! The colour combination is a result of my personal taste preference. The doughnut chain in question has very colourful doughnuts too. However, I guess these 6 looked more appetizing to me.

I do not remember the names for the top 2. I chose the top left corner one as it looked like molten chocolate lava cake that I used to enjoy in Starbucks. The one beside it should be Chocolate crisps coated. It was chosen as it looked safe.

The cute bear that you all see is called "Apple Bear" (However, I was given an Apple Bear with a slanted head zzz). This particular flavour is special in that there are real apple bits inside !! In addition, I can always play the ever childish game of "I should bite off one of your ears first! Followed by half of your head .... " with Apple Bear.

Right beside Apple Bear we have the White chocolate Vday special. Bottom left we have the original glazed doughnut. At the bottom right corner would be the first flavour that I would look for in any pastry - Cinnamon!! I love Cinnamon haha =)

Amongst my purchase today, I have only tasted Apple bear before. I hope they taste nice too - but - not too nice or I would grow fat if I eat them very frequently.

This concludes the beginning of the Happy Food Series - a helpful note to others and a nudge for myself that I still have Happy Food to turn to when I am not in the best of moods. Happy Food series does not have a fixed renewal date - we would see how things go along the way!! Please keep a look out !!

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