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Sunday, July 18, 2010Y
Wawako's Log - 12 July to 18 July

Been quite a while since I wrote something that was not meant for work. Time passess us so fast and weekends pass even faster !! Hence, I have decided to have a small recap of what I have done for the week to train my brain to write with emotions XD.

Let's see .. Work week with a cough that has evolved from super lots of phlgem to itchy throat that still causes me to cough. I have been faithfully taking the 止咳汤 and if things do not pick up still I might have to make a trip to get some medicine again.

Friday was an evening of Arts where I watched Nodame Cantabile followed by a trip to Night Festival 2010 at National Museum of Singapore. Nodame Cantabile maintained its standard while my first attendance at the Night Festival was an eye opener. The highlight of the night was an unexpected find - Diva Siva - a display of drag artistry which was loud, exciting and entertaining !! However, the high was dampened when we could not gain entrance to Abusement Park despite being in queue for more than half an hour. A bit WTH, but I think if there was to be a similar event; I would still go =)

Saturday was a lazy day where I was practically dragged to the extremely weird combination of The Electronics and Food Fair. The smell of fried food that lingered in the air while one pondered about the next printer / HD - LCD (and what not) TV / netbook to buy was quite a nightmare. Next up was Ikea - for me to get my hands on the discounted bed tray (@ 5.90 - which I feel was a bargain) and a little blue stool which I did not get eventually as I decided that I shall buy it when it goes on discount next =)

Sunday was New Paper Big Walk Day! Going to Marina Bay at such a timing was quite a killer considering the activities I did the last 2 days. In half sleep walking mode, I made it there and I joined The Big Queue (Part 1) for the goodies bag. By a miraculous stroke of luck, my pink goodie bag had an extra Singapore Flyer Ticket - I think that is what they mean when they say that the early bird gets the worm ? XD

Just as I thought I could start The Big Walk, I passed by the area where the toilets were and it was The Big Queue (Part 2). After clearing the area, we finally started The Big Walk that became The Big Eat as I emptied my goodie bag to refuel my stomach. The Big XXX Day was not to end yet as I started The Big Sleep.

That sums up my life for this week. It seems to be a long entry .... I won't proof read what I have written cos firstly I am lazy and secondly I just don't feel like doing work yet. Off to check my hotel earnings, my fruit bearing trees and my chashu ramen on the stoves !! Darn the Facebook games !! *ROAR*

9:37 PM Photobucket